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HtmlElement Class

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HtmlElement Class

Post by Admin on Sun Mar 24, 2013 1:46 am

Private Sub PrintDomBegin()
If (WebBrowser1.Document IsNot Nothing) Then
Dim ElemColl As HtmlElementCollection

Dim Doc As HtmlDocument = WebBrowser1.Document
If (Not (Doc Is Nothing)) Then
ElemColl = Doc.GetElementsByTagName("HTML")
Dim Str As String = PrintDom(ElemColl, New System.Text.StringBuilder(), 0)

WebBrowser1.DocumentText = Str
End If
End If
End Sub

Private Function PrintDom(ByVal ElemColl As HtmlElementCollection, ByRef ReturnStr As System.Text.StringBuilder, ByVal Depth As Integer) As String
Dim Str As New System.Text.StringBuilder()

For Each Elem As HtmlElement In ElemColl
Dim ElemName As String

ElemName = Elem.GetAttribute("ID")
If (ElemName Is Nothing Or ElemName.Length = 0) Then
ElemName = Elem.GetAttribute("name")
If (ElemName Is Nothing Or ElemName.Length = 0) Then
ElemName = "<no name>"
End If
End If

Str.Append(CChar(" "), Depth * 4)
Str.Append(ElemName & ": " & Elem.TagName & "(Level " & Depth & ")")

If (Elem.CanHaveChildren) Then
PrintDom(Elem.Children, ReturnStr, Depth + 1)
End If

Str.Remove(0, Str.Length)

PrintDom = ReturnStr.ToString()
End Function

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